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It is such a pleasure to announce that PreserviTec’s application was successful. Starting tomorrow May 1st, 2024, PreserviTec is joining the ESA BIC Hessen program!

ESA BIC is the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency.

PreserviTec’s journey into ESA BIC is a fantastic opportunity and acknowledgement of the intense dedication, work and passion of the past months With this tremendous support PreserviTec will push forward its mission of developing a SaaS-solution for early detection of construction defects by applying AI based forecast models. Combining building expertise and modern technology preservation of construction and real estates becomes predictable and sustainable.

INVEST Wagniskapital Förderfähigkeit

Invest 100k€ – get 15k€ back! 💸

Since 16.04.2024 it is official: PreserviTec is eligible for funding through the “INVEST – Grant for Venture Capital” program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Some key points of the funding program (according to the funding guideline of 6.3.2024):

Young companies often need venture capital. INVEST aims to make it easier for startups to access venture capital and brings together startups and private investors who believe in bold ideas.

With the “INVEST” program, the BMWK promotes investments by private individuals by granting tax-free grants that do not have to be repaid.

Some details on the acquisition grant:

– 15 % capital participation for direct acquisition of shares or via convertible loans
– 10,000 € minimum investment amount
– 200,000 Maximum eligible investment amount per investment
– 666,666.66 € maximum eligible investment per investor

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